Dear friends, followers, partners and supporters of Search Acquisition Xyz. We fully believe in Google Ads and its incredible ability to help businesses acquire customers online. We have helped many businesses grow significantly and as a result, we have also grown significantly. When we first started Search Xyz Google Adwords (Now Google Ads) was very much search – but this is now also Youtube, Shopping, Remarketing, mobile, and a lot of machine learning opportunities. We have therefore modified our brand to encompass these changes and also reflect our brand values of excellence. Our new company name is Cambridge Xyz.

Please visit us at www.cambridgexyz.com

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Search- To inquire after; to look for; to seek. Acquisition– The process of acquiring.  XYZ – (Abc.xyz), Never stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.


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I am currently studying post grad Entrepreneurship theories and practice at Cambridge University.

Hi there! I’m James, welcome and thank you for visiting our site. Advertising on Google through Paid search, Remarketing, Shopping, and Display, are undoubtedly extremely powerful customer acquisition channels. Their ability to track and attribute revenue directly to clicks and conversions provides immediate ROI capabilities and often, strategic scalability. However, a crucial antecedent in delivering ppc success is rooted in understanding and getting the basics right- too many underestimate their incredible complexities! Are you getting the most from your ppc strategy?

After 5 years in leading digital and search operations for one of the worlds largest eGaming companies, I founded Search Acquisition XYZ. I have developed and implemented successful google ppc strategies for sole traders with £100 budgets to multi million pound spends for international brands. I am an award winning Masters Degree Graduate in Global Marketing Strategy, a Google Adwords Level 12 Community Member, an official Google Adwords Community Member of the week for my contributions and problem solving, and have completed the Google Partner specialist challenge. I lead, develop, and implement the strategy on each and every account we manage, with support and expertise from a small team of professionals worldwide who each specialise in their respective areas. Put simply; I am ultimately accountable for your results. I will work tirelessly with you to develop an account strategy built to win! I believe in the power of ppc (our entire business is dedicated to ppc) and hope Search Acquisition XYZ may bring you every success. 

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We are proud to be different

You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird… So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing — that’s what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.

Richard Feynman
US educator & physicist (1918 – 1988)

Pay Per Click. Three words that, for me, promised from the very beginning opportunity and potential. It prompted a plethora of questions I was itching to explore: How is this channel successful? And why? What are the elements that coalesce to produce results? And what does dynamic search have to offer? These queries were eventually distilled into one simple question: How can do we everything easier, quicker and better? 

I knew that, considered carefully, answers could be discovered to these questions and solutions found. Though at the same time I was aware that Pay Per Click search is a complex creature, requiring expertise combined with practical knowledge. It demands an attention to detail rare in an age of instantly accessible, easy-to-use technology. Our agency began with a commitment to understand and focus on Pay Per Click and it is this honing of one skill – this speciality in one specific field – that differentiates this agency. Our business has been raised on the successful application of ppc. 

Working with us, we can admit quite honestly that results can never be guaranteed, but what we can promise is the full application of our knowledge, understanding and power to deliver an efficient, winning strategy unique to your business model. The opportunity and potential Pay Per Click offers we can bring to you. That’s our quest, our mission: to be one of the leading agencies worldwide for specialist knowledge and performance driven Pay Per Click strategy.

  • You will get a honest assessment of your account
  • You may benefit from a different viewpoint
  • You can work with us from as little as 1 hour
  • There are no contractual or minimum commitments
  • We actually care about tremendous service
  • We have deep understanding of different sectors
  • We have spent millions of pounds on paid search
  • We are trusted by sole traders to PLC’s
  • Our entire business is dedicated to Pay Per Click
  • We’d be amazed if we cant identify key insights applicable for you to action