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With Google Shopping campaigns, you reach the shoppers who matter most — the ones searching for what you sell. If you’re a retailer, you can use Shopping campaigns to promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website or local shop and find better qualified leads. More than one of your Shopping ads can appear for a given user search and, if relevant, a Shopping ad and a text ad can also appear at the same time. This means that your reach with shoppers for a single search could double

How It Works?

You will need a product feed and a Google Merchant Centre. Shopping ads use your existing Merchant Centre product data, not keywords, to decide how and where to show your ads. The product data that is submited through Merchant Centre contains details about the products that you sell. Google use these details when it matches a user’s search to your ads, making sure to show the most relevant products. Google Shopping ads appear alongside Google search results, when people search for the products you’re selling

How Much Does It Cost?

Think about billboards: Advertisers pay for billboard space based on how many people might see their ad as they drive past, whether those people actually notice the ad or not. Internet ads are different: Viewers click on your ad when they want to know more. When they click, you know that they saw your ad and liked what they saw enough to click on it. With CPC bidding, you pay by the click and only if someone clicks. If 100 people view your ad and 3 click it, you pay for the 3 clicks, not for the other 97 times someone saw the ad.

If you’re a retailer, you can use Shopping campaigns to promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website or local shop and find better qualified leads

Shopping ads give users a strong sense of the product that you’re selling before they click the ad, which gives you more qualified leads.

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Better Qualified Leads

As a merchant, you can increase the quality of your leads by featuring product information directly in your ads to help shoppers make informed purchase decisions. This makes shoppers more likely to complete a purchase on your website. For example, when Sarah does a Google search for “iphone 7,” she might see Shopping ads from merchants selling iphone 7s . She can tell which merchant suits her needs just by looking at the picture. She can also quickly see whether the fproduct fits her budget by looking at the price. This means that by the time Sarah has clicked on the ad, she has a good sense of the product and its cost, which puts her further down the purchasing funnel compared to the average web user.

Powerful Reporting 

You can see how your shopping campaigns containing your products are performing at varying degrees of granularity. For example, you can see how many clicks a particular brand that you sell and how many sales and revenue that has generated. Google also provide benchmarking data to get insights into your competitive landscape, which can be used to identify growth opportunities. You also can access impression share data which will give you an idea of scalability. This can allow calculations and business cases, through pivot tables for example to be drawn up in advance and assess whether likely expenditure will provide the best ROI, or to invest in other product promotions via google shopping.

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Who is this for?

This is a non sales introduction. We will introduce our company, services, our values and ask you about your company and current situation. We want to learn about you.

What You Get?

This introduction is designed to make acquaintance and be on your radar.  It is completely confidential. We want to demonstrate our friendliness and willingness to go the extra mile – we are known for relentless hard work. It is often a considered process outsourcing ppc or even reaching out for ppc trusted partners. We understand this time frame can be lengthy and this session helps each party understand a little more in a relaxed informal meeting. We will be there if you need support

1 Hour Live Session


Who is this for?

This is typically for account executives, managers or business owners who want expertise and a cost effective solution. This can be a one off session or a regular session in complete confidentiality.

What You Get?

This includes an hour face to face meeting at our office with the account on screen. We can tailor this session to meet your requirements. Often, this may include a deep dive assessment to address and identify improvements and form key actionable insights and takeaways.  This often thought provoking session provides a support platform and can frequently change the course of action within an account and often, stimulate improved performance.

ANGEL SUPPORT (Special Offer)


Who is this for?

This popular service is designed to be your specialist support. An account angel, a switched on opinion, reassurance, analysis to spot opportunities / errors with a proven record of growing accounts.

What You Get?

Once per month we check in with your account and provide recommendations.  It can be extremely beneficial to have an outside expert view on account strategy which often translates into positive performance. Often having that second opinion when starting a new campaign, or mid campaign performance analysis can be a great asset. The smallest decision could potentially significantly enhance campaign performance, or conversely, save you a lot of money.



Who is this for?

This popular flexible service is often used to support your existing team or contribute to the wider ppc strategy.

What You Get?

This is a completely flexible option and can be utilised in many ways. For example, it is often utilised to plan account strategy and formulate future campaign plans. Alternatively,  it is used during wider marketing / digital marketing planning and analysis days and to add a fresh perspective to the paid strategy. This is often combined with other services such as angel or 1 hour support sessions.



Who is this for?

You have a ppc account but want a different approach, or you are a brand new advertiser who wants to test pay per click.

What You Get?

You get £1000 worth of clicks in 1 month, £300 management, and a £200 one off set up. This service allows you to test the waters in your industry or a new approach to your existing ppc with Search Acquisition XYZ. We aim to grow this spend and ROI for you and have an excellent record in scaling up accounts and volume. This is approached a test to identify if ppc can be a key performer for your business.



Who is this for?

This extremely popular service is suited to you if you want to invest in a one off campaign with Search Acquisition XYZ.

What You Get?

You have budget available and want to implement a one off campaign for a select period of time, ranging from  few days to several months. All management and reporting will be performed by us and measured against pre set objectives. This option can be advanced purchased if desired and is often a great flexible option to lead / support your other marketing activity.



Who is this for?

You have an Adwords account(s) but want to outsource to a professional PPC specialist agency

What You Get?

This includes full management of the entire ppc accounts that can be immediately taken on board and running live. This includes all pre planning and discussing your objectives, applying maths logic, whilst following proven best practices we have implemented and understand to work well in our experience. This transitional phase of the account will be judged upon immediate improvements and ROI.



Who is this for?

You want to advertise on Display Networks (Remarketing perhaps) or Youtube but have no in house design team.

What You Get?

You will work with our in house design team to develop creatives that are on brand for you, to meet your brand guidelines and objectives. This process is open and flexible and can often add significant value to any campaign. In our experience the design can have a direct impact on campaign performance. For example, CTA, mobile, and clean coding are a few to mention that we test and consider.



Who is this for?

You run PPC in house but you are recruiting for a new member of staff or new team and need an interim solution.

What You Get?

This includes total account management and complete peace of mind while you find the right person for your team. We have the account under our control allowing you to continue business as usual. We will also help provide recommendations for the strategic development. No minimum terms or commitments required as we know fiddling the right person takes time. We are here to help!

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Search- To inquire after; to look for; to seek. Acquisition– The process of acquiring.  XYZ – (, Never stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.


Proud to be a Featured Member in the official Google Adwords Community Forum See Featured Post

I am currently studying post grad Entrepreneurship theories and practice at Cambridge University.

Hi there! I’m James, welcome and thank you for visiting our site. Advertising on Google through Paid search, Remarketing, Shopping, and Display, are undoubtedly extremely powerful customer acquisition channels. Their ability to track and attribute revenue directly to clicks and conversions provides immediate ROI capabilities and often, strategic scalability. However, a crucial antecedent in delivering ppc success is rooted in understanding and getting the basics right- too many underestimate their incredible complexities! Are you getting the most from your ppc strategy?

After 5 years in leading digital and search operations for one of the worlds largest eGaming companies, I founded Search Acquisition XYZ. I have developed and implemented successful google ppc strategies for sole traders with £100 budgets to multi million pound spends for international brands. I am an award winning Masters Degree Graduate in Global Marketing Strategy, a Google Adwords Level 12 Community Member, an official Google Adwords Community Member of the week for my contributions and problem solving, and have completed the Google Partner specialist challenge. I lead, develop, and implement the strategy on each and every account we manage, with support and expertise from a small team of professionals worldwide who each specialise in their respective areas. Put simply; I am ultimately accountable for your results. I will work tirelessly with you to develop an account strategy built to win! I believe in the power of ppc (our entire business is dedicated to ppc) and hope Search Acquisition XYZ may bring you every success. 

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You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird… So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing — that’s what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.

Richard Feynman
US educator & physicist (1918 – 1988)

Pay Per Click. Three words that, for me, promised from the very beginning opportunity and potential. It prompted a plethora of questions I was itching to explore: How is this channel successful? And why? What are the elements that coalesce to produce results? And what does dynamic search have to offer? These queries were eventually distilled into one simple question: How can do we everything easier, quicker and better? 

I knew that, considered carefully, answers could be discovered to these questions and solutions found. Though at the same time I was aware that Pay Per Click search is a complex creature, requiring expertise combined with practical knowledge. It demands an attention to detail rare in an age of instantly accessible, easy-to-use technology. Our agency began with a commitment to understand and focus on Pay Per Click and it is this honing of one skill – this speciality in one specific field – that differentiates this agency. Our business has been raised on the successful application of ppc. 

Working with us, we can admit quite honestly that results can never be guaranteed, but what we can promise is the full application of our knowledge, understanding and power to deliver an efficient, winning strategy unique to your business model. The opportunity and potential Pay Per Click offers we can bring to you. That’s our quest, our mission: to be one of the leading agencies worldwide for specialist knowledge and performance driven Pay Per Click strategy.

  • You will get a honest assessment of your account
  • You may benefit from a different viewpoint
  • You can work with us from as little as 1 hour
  • There are no contractual or minimum commitments
  • We actually care about tremendous service
  • We have deep understanding of different sectors
  • We have spent millions of pounds on paid search
  • We are trusted by sole traders to PLC’s
  • Our entire business is dedicated to Pay Per Click
  • We’d be amazed if we cant identify key insights applicable for you to action